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Old Globe Hollow
Old Globe Hollow

Globe Manufactured

This is where WE grew up in Manchester.

Globe Hollow
The Globe Manufacturing Company used water power in its cotton-warp operation off Spring Street, having purchased the "privilege in Globe Hollow, previously occupied by the satinet-mill of the American Company, and in 1844 erected there a mill which was used for several years in making cotton warp, and afterward sold to Cheney Brothers," according to The Memorial History of Hartford County, Connecticut, published in 1886. So the name and the pond have been around for a long time.

In 1906-07, Cheney brothers constructed the Globe Hollow Reservoir, which flowed down into a swimming area that was (to me at least) much better than Salter’s. Back in the 1950s, Globe had shade trees and plenty of grass, a fountain that sprayed water, and a lot more sand for a beach where you could spread a towel. Globe had a raft you could swim out to, with a diving board. For us, living in the North End, it was farther to travel to Globe, located at 100 Spring Street, so we pleaded for a ride in the family car, which we didn’t need when going to Salter’s – we could just ride our bicycles there.

Globe did not have a paved surface when we were growing up, but the paving is an improvement for those who don’t want their feet to touch slimy plants on the bottom. The current brick structure has replaced the Quonset hut that was there for years.
Although children, especially boys, were known to skinny dip, that is, swim without a bathing suit, times changed and in late June 1935, The Hartford Courant reported that "Scanty bathing suits will not be permitted" at Globe Hollow. At that time, swimming lessons were segregated – lessons for boys were from 10:15 to 11 a.m. and for girls from 11 to 11:45 a.m.


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