St. Vincent's Medical Center Foundation - Swim Across the Sound

Team D'Addario, 2017 swim
Team D'Addario, 2017 swim

Team D'Addario

Team D'addario is back for a second year to continue the fight agaist cancer and to help support those in need. Please help us as we honor of all those who have lost their battles with cancer and those who continue to fight today. We are determined to make a difference and push ourselves to meet the challages ahead.

Thank you for visiting our page and for your support!!





Cash donation recognition and thanks:

Ruben, $10

Jim Krentzman, $50

David McGovern, $100

Mike Martin, $20

Andrew Barrett, $25

Anthony Thomas, $10

Ron, $20

Angelo Pegnidopoulos, $20

Gary Labranche, $10

Matt, $10

Jim Larson, $20

Gregory Anastasio, $20

Rob, $20

Rose's Family Resturant, oxford, $100

Deluca Tool, SnapOn, $40

Waldy, $20

Tami Ives, $50

Dom Costello, $60

Andre Gach, $25

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