SWIM 2019

Team RBG 2.0


Team Rock the Black and Gold 2.0 is back for another exciting year of fighting cancer through open water swimming.  This year my friends Chris Willey, Andy Reiger, Stephen Thomas, and I are swimming to BEAT CANCER!  We need your support with fundraising, so we can kick this disease square in the ass.

If you're unfamiliar with the event, the Swim Across the Sound is a four- to six-person relay swim from Port Jefferson, Long Island, to Bridgeport, Connecticut.  The event supports St. Vincent's Hospital's Cancer Center by both funding cancer-screening outreach and providing direct financial stability to families suffering from the effects of cancer and its treatment.

This cause is important to me because cancer pretty much wiped out my family.  I became the patriach of my family at age 35 because of cancer.

Thank you in advance for your support!  Any little bit helps.


Dan Head

Rock the Black & Gold 2.0

With Honor We Strive!

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